Claim form

Reporting damage

Through the form below, you can report damage.

Depending on the damage, a damage-expert can be used by the insurer. In case An expert is being used, it is important you do not repair, recover or throw away the damaged parts before the expert has come by.

Tips reporting damage

Report your damage as soon as possible.

Provide us with all relevant evidence.

Ask witnesses for a signed deposition. (see form: Getuigenverklaring).

Relevant Exhibits

The exhibits listed below, are relevant in your damage report.

  • Purchase receipts
  • Repair receipts
  • Copy declaration of theft
  • Photo’s of damage
  • Measurement report
  • Quotation for repair or replacement
  • Deposition (see also form: Getuigenverklaring)


In case you hold someone responsible for the present damage, use the Liability form. Aansprakelijkstelling.

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